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Bit By Bit is a truly revolutionary product, which lets anyone make an Internet of Things (IoT) app instantly. Designing electronics won’t be the same again. It's easy, simple, and faster with our amazing patent-pending product.


Bit By Bit is simple. Its the simplest hardware development platform ever. We have made Bit By Bit in a way that it makes all type of Internet of things development a very easy task. For you. For your child and for entire family.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the brain behind Bit By Bit. It makes learning, hacking and understanding raspberry pi as easy as installing an app. Now you can design your own raspberry pi solutions in a matter of minutes and share with the rest of the world real-time.


Whether you are a 9 year old curious kid or a 19 year old passionate maker, Bit By Bit holds your hand and let you learn, build and hack electronics designing in an easy and fun way.

Design Internet of things apps instantly

1000+ apps | Single click install | Share apps

B-covers: Design social network of machines

IoT Games | IoT products | Machines talking

Immersive education

Learn and teach Raspberry Pi Bit By Bit

An hour of coding

Visual programming | Online wiring and connections

3D print anything from anywhere

3D printing | Seed your printer | Make prints from anywhere

Share your electronics

Suggest | Collaborate | Share

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